Customer Strategies and Business Results

The customer centric nature of a business enterprise is universal. Call it Customer Loyalty, Customer Satisfaction, Voice of the Customer, Customer Experience or Customer Engagement – keeping a finger on the pulse of customers and key stakeholders is fundamental to business success. At the Loyalty Research Center, we work with businesses to stay in tune with their customers, markets & stakeholders. For over fifteen years, our work has ensured organizations stay aligned with customer needs and, more importantly, anticipate changing needs to stay ahead of the curve. Loyalty Research Center is engaged in the Science & Art of measuring and managing relationships to help companies build & implement robust strategies around the needs of those they serve.

Case Studies

Call Center Workers

Quantity or Quality?

A call center concludes that Customer Experience trumps both. Is speed of service important for customers or deliberate decision support? Looking at segments within...


Mary & Matt Resized

LRC featured on “Associations Today”

Why do members join … and stay … in an association? What are the value drivers? What makes for a strongly engaged membership base?...


"Loyalty Research Center is a valuable partner for AmeriPride, helping us to better understand our customers’ needs and our shortcomings. Their work was central to refining our strategic plan, resulting in significant financial performance improvements for us."

Andrew Steiner,
Vice President, Customer Operations, AmeriPride Services Inc.

Measure & Manage Customer & Employee Satisfaction & Loyalty
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