About Us

Aldy Keene, founder of Loyalty Research Center, is a pioneer in the specialized field of market research, customer relationship metrics, measurement & management.  Aldy had an illustrious track record in this field before forming the company in 1997. His goal was, and continues to be, to help companies obtain, understand, and leverage customer feedback.

Working with companies across a wide range of industries, he began educating them on the value of measurement and implementing solutions that focused on important stakeholders’ needs and perceptions. Supported by predictive modeling and best practice research techniques, Aldy helped evolve this unique discipline from traditional survey research to a scientific practice. Transforming a mindset from just providing numbers to developing knowledge bases and insights from which companies could make decisions, take action, and improve business success.

Today, the company has an impressive reference list of customers of all sizes – from Fortune 500 companies to mid-size and small organizations as well as associations and not-for-profits. Our customer base is impressive in its spread across a range of industries and includes Business to Business as well as Business to Consumer research.

Loyalty Research Center works with these clients to provide key insights. When done right, the information is used to:

  • Measure company performance in the eyes of customers
  • Segment customers as Loyal, Neutral & Vulnerable, so you can proactively address these segments & individual customers
  • Understand exact customer expectations, thereby guiding the organization on what they should do to retain and grow customer relationships.
  • Directly influence revenue & cost, increasing your organization’s ROI

Attracting, training and retaining top talent is a high priority for businesses. Our employee feedback services provide the required information to do this well.