Loyalty Research Center Celebrates 20 Years In Business

2017 marks a big year for Loyalty Research Center – our 20th year in business.

“Back in 1997, when we were thinking about how to set this firm up and how to position it, the research industry was going in two directions,” says founder and CEO Aldy Keene.

These directions were on extreme ends of the spectrum – one being a low-priced, one-size-fits-all approach, and the other as a heavily customized, consultative approach.  LRC was founded for individuals and organizations that valued a comprehensive, deep-dive approach to understanding their employees and customers.

Why?  We want our clients to understand the behaviors of their customers and trigger desirable changes.  Seeing these changes bring about positive results for our clients is our passion. As we look out to the next 20 years, we are expanding our product offerings – aptly named Solutions – to address the diversity of challenges our clients face.

Watch the rest of our video message from founder and CEO, Aldy Keene, below:

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