Loyalty Learnings #18: Integrating Survey Data With Internal Metrics

Edited Transcript: A really valuable tool for most companies is to integrate loyalty analysis with metrics that firms capture internally about the customer experience.  Let me give you an example.  We had a client who had product changes that the customer did online.  So, I as a customer would get online to change the configuration […]

Predictive Analytics Series: What Is It?

Welcome to the LRC video miniseries on predictive analytics, a part of our Deep Analytics Solutions.  This miniseries consists of three videos:  1.  What is it?  Why should you use it? 2. How do you do it? 3. How do you use it?  How do you use the outcomes that we’ve generated in the second […]

Loyalty Learnings #8: Why Should You Measure Customer Loyalty?

The easy answer: your customer is your biggest asset! They produce ongoing income. And the 30% of loyal customers represent 65% of your asset value on average.  This is powerful, and means that you need to constantly be in touch with the strength of your customer relationships and how to make them healthier.   Watch […]