Linking Member Engagement to Association Growth

Background: A professional society (“Association”) with approximately 2,400 members established an aggressive yet attainable goal for growth:  increasing dues and non-dues revenue by 15 percent over a five-year period.  The Association had been collecting every member revenue transaction dating back several years, yet as an organization it lacked the skills to effectively mine the information […]

Why You Should Stop Setting Goals

Ask yourself, if I were put into a situation where I was in a perpetual state of failure, how would that impact my mood or energy levels? I’m willing to bet that the clear majority of you would say that it would be “depressing” or “draining.” I think we’d all agree that we wouldn’t want […]

5 Rules for Managing Your Database Gremlin

This past weekend, an oldie but goodie was on the television:  Gremlins.  Remember the three rules?  No bright light, don’t get him wet, and never feed him after midnight. When it comes to CRMs, AMSs, or your basic Excel workbook, it seems that everyone wants to break the third rule, feeding the database gremlin.  That […]

Too Much of a Good Thing

We’ve all been there – probably with food. I love shrimp. I’m like the Bubba character in Forrest Gump – except I can not only name the various ways to fix shrimp, I freely partake in sampling the results. Recently, my wife and I decided to make a meal of a shrimp appetizer platter. I […]

A Relatively Good Cut

How do you measure the strength of relationship in a way that helps you understand customer behavior?   It’s absolutely critical.  If you’re going to try to improve the customer relationship, it should explain changes in customer behavior.  I was thinking about this recently while getting a haircut and thought about how it applied to my […]