Growing the Smart (and Fun) Way

Over the holidays, I read Jim Collins’ Good to Great for the first time.  Although it is on most business professionals’ “must read” lists, and it had been on mine for a couple of years now, it wasn’t until this past December that I decided it was time! We’ve read numerous reports in recent months […]

Solutions Spotlight: Opportunity Analysis

Sales growth is critical for nearly all the organizations.  Most organizations develop an ongoing set of initiatives to address sales growth.  Research from a variety of sources concludes that only 25% of those initiatives succeed.  The LRC Opportunity Analysis can impact that success rate by a multiple. The LRC Opportunity Analysis is based on the […]

Industry Landscape

What is changing and how we are responding. At LRC we saw key changes in the business environment over the past year that have significant implications for relationship measurement and management. Going into 2016 and beyond, these changes will likely accelerate. The top 3 in our observation are: Organizations are focusing on revenue growth as […]

organic growth

Customer Metrics and Organic Growth

Some commonly tracked customer metrics like Satisfaction and NPS have a notoriously tenuous, if any, correlation with business growth. In their book – the “Wallet Allocation Rule” – the authors make the case for a new measure that might be the strongest indicator yet of Share of Wallet and growth. Growth is Number 1 Growth […]

organic growth

Voice of the Customer Drives Organic Growth

Listening to customers helps a successful manufacturing company to accelerate growth. Background A food packaging firm on the west coast (Client) had an enviably strong position in its market. Recognized by its customers as highly innovative, with a product line unique to the US market, they faced little to no competition in their defined – […]