Overcoming Cultural Differences In Emerging Markets

In an increasingly global world, businesses must adapt their strategy to whichever market they are looking to enter. Emerging markets with large populations like China (1.4 B), India (1.3 B), and Brazil (210 M) are popular targets for foreign businesses to enter due to their large populations, growing economies, and increasingly business-friendly infrastructure. Long-term organizational […]

Loyalty Learnings #15: Three Advocacy Roles Your Association Can Play

When we talk to members about the expectations that they have for their association as it pertains to advocacy, what we’re frequently hearing are three roles that your association can play in effectively advocating on your members’ behalf.  What we call promoting or protecting the profession.  Those three roles are as an informer, as an […]

Loyalty Learnings #14: The Relationship Between Advocacy And Engagement

Transcript: You frequently hear us talk at the Loyalty Research Center about how engagement drives behaviors.  The more engaged a member is with your organization, the more favorable behaviors you get from those members. As an example, if continuing education is a driver of your member engagement, then the more resource that you put into […]