Is your association evolutionary or revolutionary?

What does innovation mean to your association? Recently, we asked association executives what one word or phrase comes to mind when thinking about innovation. Key phrases that stood out were “Finding different ways of thinking” and “Create new products.” It’s clear that associations think innovation requires serious effort. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. We […]

Why you should use analytics to prospect

  Traditional methods of sales prospecting are grossly inefficient.   Jill Konrath You want to keep your pipeline as full as possible – and the opportunities are endless.  How many stories have you heard about companies using a brute force approach of toughing it through extensive calling lists?  Sales executives love to tout movies like Boiler […]

Stories of Resilience in the Face of Chaos

In March, COVID-19 shut down America, beginning months of hardship for many.  Now, facing a second wave of the virus, it seems like the world continues to only share bad news and we are all looking for a little bit of sunshine. To that end, we have been hearing great successes from some of our […]

Why Loyalty Matters: The Loyalty Payoff Table

In every organization, individuals make decisions – sometimes daily – that impact customers and their behaviors.  Decisions about prices, resource spend, training/coaching, processes, focus, initiatives, and more. How is customer behavior affected by these decisions?  Or – to make it broader – how do the decisions affect the long-term value of the organization? Loyalty measurement […]

A Message From Our CEO

  As we move forward into the next phase of the “virus economy,” we’re seeing instability and uncertainty in many markets. In those markets, customer needs are changing dramatically – sometimes leading the customer to exit the market entirely – and businesses are struggling to adapt to meet the changing needs. However, it’s not all […]