Valuing Customers

Two studies, separated by a decade, examined the topic of company valuation based on customer valuation. While intuitively and logically related, the two approaches to valuation were rarely regarded in conjunction. The first study – an award winning paper – was published in 2004 by Prof. Sunil Gupta of Harvard and Prof. Donald Lehmann of […]

organic growth

Customer Metrics and Organic Growth

Some commonly tracked customer metrics like Satisfaction and NPS have a notoriously tenuous, if any, correlation with business growth. In their book – the “Wallet Allocation Rule” – the authors make the case for a new measure that might be the strongest indicator yet of Share of Wallet and growth. Growth is Number 1 Growth […]

organic growth

Voice of the Customer Drives Organic Growth

Listening to customers helps a successful manufacturing company to accelerate growth. Background A food packaging firm on the west coast (Client) had an enviably strong position in its market. Recognized by its customers as highly innovative, with a product line unique to the US market, they faced little to no competition in their defined – […]

member satisfaction

Member Satisfaction is Not Member Engagement: Going All-In on a Shift in Association Strategy

  Background & Challenge: An international medical society had measured member satisfaction with its organization since 1999. During that time, satisfaction had increased significantly from 58% in 1999 to 76% in 2013. However, while most members were seemingly “happy” (and retention rates remained around 98%), the organization did not understand how engaged its membership truly […]

Knowing Your Audience: Growing Your Meeting Attendance the Smart Way

Situation: A professional society with ~4,600 practicing members had seen attendance at their annual conference stay flat at around 1,000 registrants over a five year period. Significant time and resources were invested during this period to encourage higher attendance rates. Different approaches were experimented with (e.g. changing locations, introducing different formats and more aggressive marketing […]