Bring Back The Glory Days

We can all agree that the glory days of air travel are long gone. The days when you dressed up for a plane trip, enjoyed a hot meal off fine china, and attendants indulged your every wish, is the stuff of legend….and folklore. As air travel has gone from luxury to commodity, we have seen […]

problem experience

The Problem with “Problems”

When addressed strategically, customer problems are an opportunity to positively impact financials. The shopping experience is universal. We are all purchasers of products or services – either as individual consumers or on behalf of organizations we represent. As a purchaser, how often do you find the product or service provider falling short on performance – […]

Webinar: CMO Imperatives – Marketing and Sales Unite to Drive Growth

REGISTER NOW CMO’s in business-to-business companies are finding sales and revenue growth topping their list of goals. A synergistic partnership between Marketing and Sales is critical to success in driving growth. In this webinar focused on CMO growth imperatives, learn how seamless dovetailing between these tradionally siloed groups is contributing to and leading organic revenue […]

associations today

LRC featured on “Associations Today”

Why do members join and stay in an association? What are the value drivers? What makes for a strongly engaged membership base? Matt Braun, VP of Client Services and head of LRC’s Associations Practice, shares real-life examples of associations that have used survey results to direct strategy. In a conversation with Mary Byers, thought leader, […]

customer service representatives

Quantity or Quality?

Customer Experience trumps both, a call center concludes. Is speed of service important for customers or deliberate decision support? Looking at segments within the customer base and crafting service models to cater to each, yielded spectacular results for this organization. The Challenge A leading travel and insurance services provider with a global footprint (Client) offered […]