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When should you fire a member?

An Association thrives by adopting a core member focused strategy. Organizations that have the discipline to recognize when segments of customers are simply not a “good fit” with their business model, position themselves for long term success. Objective: A state professional society (Client) had historically served the needs of three distinct types of members. As part […]

aldy keene customer due diligence

Aldy Keene on “The Art of Dealmaking”

In an interview with Fundology, publishers of the digital magazine “Art of Dealmaking”, Aldy Keene talks about the role of customer due diligence in successful M & A transactions. Understanding the customer base of a target is central to determining risks as well as opportunities associated with a deal. What is the distribution of customer […]

Channel Insights Help Bank Attain Market Leadership

Strategic focus on referral sources was critical to success of the Jumbo Mortgage division of a bank. Leveraging findings from a referral source Relationship Study, this Banking Services company sought a niche market position to set themselves apart and become revenue and market share leaders. Situation: The Jumbo Mortgage Division of a leading Banking Services company found themselves […]