Recap from Mary Byers Live

Earlier this month, I had the tremendous opportunity to sit down with associations consultant Mary Byers and contribute to her conversation on Momentum:  Where to Get It & How to Keep It.  Mary and I have had the opportunity to discuss several of these topics in a variety of settings over the past two years […]

Infographic: Do You Have Members or Customers?

This year at LRC, we’ve been having more conversations around the idea of “good fit” customers vs. “bad fit” customers.  Generally, bad fit customers are not only vulnerable customers, but have needs that do not align with your business model. Looking at associations, we find something similar.  As associations and professional societies have looked to increase membership […]

Linking Member Engagement to Association Growth

Background: A professional society (“Association”) with approximately 2,400 members established an aggressive yet attainable goal for growth:  increasing dues and non-dues revenue by 15 percent over a five-year period.  The Association had been collecting every member revenue transaction dating back several years, yet as an organization it lacked the skills to effectively mine the information […]