Loyalty Learnings #16: Involve Your Members In Advocacy With Time, Talent, and Treasure

Edited Transcription: As you think about ways that your members can get involved in your advocacy efforts, we tend to break it down into three categories:  time, talent, and treasure.  Some of the more successful associations that have been successful in engaging and getting their newer, younger members involved are thinking outside the box on […]

AAMSE Recap: Right-Sizing Your Membership

Imagine you are a fisherman, boating out to the deep blue ocean to catch your daily haul.  You cast a large net, capturing hundreds of fish in just that one toss.  You’re thrilled!  That is, until upon closer inspection only about one-third of the fish are able to be sold or eaten.  With that in […]

ASAE 2018 Recap: How Mature Is Your Association When It Comes To Data?

It was interesting to hear the conversations at ASAE 2018 around the 6 competency areas of our Data Maturity Assessment:  Strategy, Culture, Resources, Insights, Actions, and Impact.  It generated a lot of discussion around “data” and “insights.” Let’s be clear – just because you have data does not mean you have insights. Data represent the […]