Prospecting In Your Existing Space: Prioritization

In our previous video, we discuss questions you should be asking about your non-members before you begin growing in your core market.  Answering these questions is a great first step in understanding who these non-members are and why they aren’t currently a part of your association. After you collect this information, prioritizing is key:  not […]

Three Questions Associations Fail to Answer Before Entering New Regions

When you decide that entering a new geographic region is the next best strategy for growing membership, realize that it is not a short-term, quick-fix strategy to any membership woes, but a long-term investment.  Far too many times we hear associations describing new geographic regions as “low-hanging fruit” in growth strategy discussions.  Just as many […]

Is A Shift To Virtual Right For Your Meeting?

Is your annual conference meeting attendee count declining?  Virtual access to your meetings may be exactly what your conference needs to boost your dwindling revenue stream. Now before you say what many association leaders say… “Are you crazy?  Why would we further cannibalize our meeting by making it easier for our members not to come?”  […]