Loyalty Learnings #5: How to Fix Inconsistencies in Your Chapters

In our experience, consistency (or inconsistency) can make or break member experience at the chapter level.  We’ve explored the three main areas of inconsistency – leadership, meeting days/times/locations, and meeting agendas – and how they can occur. Now, let’s focus on what changes you can implement to improve your chapter experience. Need help identifying where […]

ASAE 2017 Recap: Turning Data Into Dollars

Data, data, everywhere!  It has been amazing to see where the association world has gone in terms of its appreciation for and understanding of all things data.  Only five years ago, my team and I were in Dallas for the ASAE Annual Meeting and conversations around data were few and far between.  This year in […]

VIDEO: Why Member Satisfaction Is Not Member Engagement

Is member satisfaction one of your key performance metrics? You’re not alone! There’s a fundamental difference between member satisfaction and member engagement in trying to measure the health of the relationship you have with your members.  Satisfaction is more of a “happiness index.”  It has no correlation with behaviors.  For example, a satisfied member is […]

Infographic: National Standards VS Chapter Autonomy

Recently, we’ve been focused on chapter consistency and how it can make or break your member experience. However, too much oversight from the national level can tax your time and resources.  How do you strike the right balance between maintaining consistency across chapters and giving them the autonomy that they desire? A recent client found […]