3 Ways to Improve Chapter Consistency

Chapters were created to meet members where they are, providing a forum for local networking and collaboration. While remaining under the umbrella of national, autonomy was given to local leaders to help contribute to member engagement. However, for better or for worse, rarely are the chapters fully autonomous. There is a significant amount of national […]

Solutions Spotlight: Chapter Assessment

In this associations solution spotlight, we’re going to be talking about chapter assessments. One of the challenges that a lot of associations are facing is: how do we manage our local chapters?  How do we strike that balance between autonomy and structure or standardization? What our chapter assessment does is first, it examines the level […]

ASAE Meeting & Expo 2017: Why is Member Engagement Critical?

Matt Braun and Jackie Davis from Loyalty Research Center will be exhibiting at ASAE Meeting & Exposition August 12-15, 2017 in Toronto, Ontario.  The ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition is where thousands of association professionals and industry partners gather to exchange time, resources, strategies, solutions, and more. REGISTER HERE Join the conversation on why member […]

Loyalty Learnings #3: Consistency is Key in the Chapter Experience

What challenges are your association facing?  One of those challenges might be managing your chapter experience, whether it’s at the local or regional level. When managing your chapters, it’s a struggle to provide the structure chapters need while also allowing the autonomy they want.  We find that this is common, but unfortunately, this struggle often creates […]

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Right-Sizing Your Membership

Does Growth Equal Success? How does your association define success?  Are you still using the same definition of success as you were five years ago?  Ten years ago?  Twenty?  We speak to association leaders every year who give the same answers that have been given for the past two decades: Membership growth; Retention rate; Revenue […]