The Small Problem of Employee Engagement

Are you ignoring a problem, right here and now? If you are in a management or leadership position, you probably are. They never stop and you are only human. Not big problems, mind you.  Maybe not even mid-size problems. However, you are almost certainly ignoring one or two small problems. But when it comes to […]

Beyond Behavior: Why Loyalty Is A Choice

Most businesses today recognize the importance of customers and their loyalty.  But do businesses really understand what a Loyal customer is and why Loyalty is so important for a businesses’ success? Customers make decisions about where to spend their time, money, and effort daily. In fact, multiple times a day. Loyalty is more than just […]

customer choice

What Makes A Loyal Customer?

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Customers make decisions almost every second about how to spend their time, money, and effort. They are constantly bombarded with ads on TV and their personal devices.  Even NBA jerseys now come with ads on them.  So how do customers make a choice? Customers, both individually and collectively, select the offer they […]

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Motivation, Ability, and Direction: The New Standard for Employee Engagement

Employees are a vital resource for nearly all organizations, especially since they represent a significant investment in terms of identifying, recruiting, and training let alone salaries, healthcare plans, bonuses, etc.  But there is more than just the replacement expense when a desirable employee leaves. Employees are pivotal in creating and delivering value to the customer, […]