3 Types Of People You Need To Talk To During Your Due Diligence

During a merger or acquisition, the diligence process is focused on risk:  are there any financial indicators of failure?  Companies that go above and beyond in assessing risk go beyond the financials and look at customers to uncover risks and possible opportunities. Several times, we have heard customer interviews are done infrequently at best, or […]

VIDEO: Calculating Customer Financial Value

Calculating the financial value of an enterprise is a valuable exercise for any organization, and a great tool to inform ongoing decisions and strategy. Enterprise value calculation has really changed over the last 30-40 years.  It used to be based on hard assets – machinery, equipment, inventory, buildings, etc.  Since then, it has shifted to […]

aldy keene customer due diligence

Aldy Keene on “The Art of Dealmaking”

In an interview with Fundology, publishers of the digital magazine “Art of Dealmaking”, Aldy Keene talks about the role of customer due diligence in successful M & A transactions. Understanding the customer base of a target is central to determining risks as well as opportunities associated with a deal. What is the distribution of customer […]

Aldy Keene Speaks on Customer Diligence at AM&AA Summer Conference

“Management teams at target companies invariably respond positively.” This is how Aldy Keene responded when asked how easy or hard it was to get participation in customer diligence. “They are as interested in receiving feedback from their customers as are prospective acquirers,” he continued. In a spirited panel discussion at the recently concluded AM&AA Summer […]

See us at the Association of Mergers & Acquisition Advisors (AM&AA) Summer Conference, July 22-24, 2014 at the J W Marriott in Chicago.

Aldy will also be a panelist in a workshop titled “Mastering the Transaction Process” on the opening day of the conference. He will share his wealth of knowledge and experience in the area of Customer Due Diligence for risk management and identification of growth opportunities. Our work with Private Equity Groups, Investment Banks and Corporate […]