Webinar: Consumer Product Manufacturing and Customer Loyalty

In a 20 minute webinar designed for Consumer Products manufacturers, but applicable to all businesses, LRC’s Aldy Keene guides you through why you should measure their relationships with customers and what you can learn from this kind of research.  Using this information, he helps identify if your main challenge in obtaining greater share from those customers is a […]

Measuring Relationships – Driving Revenue

An Industrial Distributor uncovers hidden growth & profit potential in its customer base using Loyalty Segmentation Background & Challenge: One of the largest industrial distributors in North America (“Client”) provides a broad range of products and value-add services to approximately 500,000 customers in the infrastructure and construction sectors.  Customers are serviced through branch locations across […]

loyal customers

3 Benefits of Giving Back to Your Loyal Customers

As we find ourselves firmly in the biggest shopping season of the year, holiday specials and deals have been floating across my screen from various retailers to which I subscribe. “20% discount for new customers only!” and “$10 off your first purchase of $25+ with us!” are common slogans that I see hitting my inbox. From […]

They’re Just Not That Into You

I’ve been going to the same dry cleaner in Indianapolis since 1988.  Through that time there have been store location changes, personnel changes, billing errors, lost clothing….well, you get the picture.  All of us go through it to some extent.  The one thing that kept me coming back was Same Day Service.  I like being […]