Brand Positioning Series: Implications Part Two

Welcome back to the final chapter in our Brand Positioning Series!  In our previous video, we discussed the concept of Focus vs. Coverage – do you want to focus on a specific segment or cover the market with your strategy? Next, we detailed out three specific strategies to change your position:  Design, Execution, and Communication.  […]

Brand Positioning Series: Implications Part One

Welcome back to our Brand Positioning Series.  In the past videos, we’ve discussed what positioning is, why it’s important, how to identify needs and demands in the market, position yourself and your competitors around those needs on a map, and then profile the segments of customers that matter most to you. This leaves you with […]

Customer Segmentation Drives Targeted Growth Strategy

Staking a distinct position in a market with diverse needs helps telecom service provider grow profitably. Background: A regional telecommunications service provider (Client) served approximately 40,000 residential customers. The company was established in the mid-1950s to bring local and long distance telephone service to, what was then, a remote rural outpost. Evolving with the times, […]