An Evident Horns Effect

Background: Client is a mid-sized manufacturer with a competitive edge in the market, being considered of higher quality than competitors in their space, and highly requested among customers of their distributors.  In previous waves of research with Loyalty Research Center (LRC), Client sought a baseline measurement NPS, and understanding of differences in their key verticals […]

Using Modeling For More Predictable Success

Background: A leading transportation and logistics company was performing very well in the market, but they struggled to understand why customers increased or decreased their business with them.  Although they regularly collected massive amounts of transaction and experience information on their customers, this alone did not provide sufficient insight to guide their efforts to improve […]

Positioning Study Changes Target Customer Profile

Background: A consumer products organization, specializing in accessories for power motor sports, was developing a long-term strategy for changing their sales process and growth.  While they had an understanding of their market, they had not formally looked into their customer base.  As such, they had no clear direction on which to base their strategy. Challenge: […]

Linking Member Engagement to Association Growth

Background: A professional society (“Association”) with approximately 2,400 members established an aggressive yet attainable goal for growth:  increasing dues and non-dues revenue by 15 percent over a five-year period.  The Association had been collecting every member revenue transaction dating back several years, yet as an organization it lacked the skills to effectively mine the information […]

Can’t Get [No] Satisfaction: Chemical Manufacturer’s New Strategy For Unhappy Customers

Identifying segments of customers with differing needs helps a manufacturer grow revenue and profits with the right customers – and avoid wasting resources with the wrong ones! Background A manufacturer of chemicals for the paper industry (Client) was a well-regarded name in the business with a reputation for high quality products and customized solutions. The […]