AAMSE Recap: Right-Sizing Your Membership

Imagine you are a fisherman, boating out to the deep blue ocean to catch your daily haul.  You cast a large net, capturing hundreds of fish in just that one toss.  You’re thrilled!  That is, until upon closer inspection only about one-third of the fish are able to be sold or eaten.  With that in […]

ASAE 2018 Recap: How Mature Is Your Association When It Comes To Data?

It was interesting to hear the conversations at ASAE 2018 around the 6 competency areas of our Data Maturity Assessment:  Strategy, Culture, Resources, Insights, Actions, and Impact.  It generated a lot of discussion around “data” and “insights.” Let’s be clear – just because you have data does not mean you have insights. Data represent the […]

Overcoming Cultural Differences In Emerging Markets

In an increasingly global world, businesses must adapt their strategy to whichever market they are looking to enter. Emerging markets with large populations like China (1.4 B), India (1.3 B), and Brazil (210 M) are popular targets for foreign businesses to enter due to their large populations, growing economies, and increasingly business-friendly infrastructure. Long-term organizational […]