Solutions Spotlight: Chapter Assessment

In this associations solution spotlight, we’re going to be talking about chapter assessments. One of the challenges that a lot of associations are facing is: how do we manage our local chapters?  How do we strike that balance between autonomy and structure or standardization? What our chapter assessment does is first, it examines the level […]

Brand Positioning Series: Positioning Map

In our last video, we talked about buying criteria.  What are the buying criteria used in a particular decision or market?  How do the buying criteria differ across customers – are they weighted differently? Answering these questions gives rise to segments.  Segments are a critical part of positioning.  We’ve shown how they can be profiled […]

Brand Positioning Series: Needs and Demands

Welcome to the second module in our Brand Positioning Series:  Needs and Demands.  Click the link to watch the previous video in the series, What is Brand Positioning and Why Is It Important? In this series, we’re trying to establish the fit of your brand in the marketplace in order to understand and change customer […]

Why Repeat Purchases Do Not Equal Loyalty

With recent focus on loyalty rewards programs, it’s easy to see that repeat purchases are quickly becoming a key metric for many organizations.  However, it might not always be an accurate measure of the health of your customer relationships. Ask yourself:  When a customer purchases from you on a repeat basis, does that really make them […]

Loyalty Learnings #3: Consistency is Key in the Chapter Experience

What challenges are your association facing?  One of those challenges might be managing your chapter experience, whether it’s at the local or regional level. When managing your chapters, it’s a struggle to provide the structure chapters need while also allowing the autonomy they want.  We find that this is common, but unfortunately, this struggle often creates […]