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LRC is excited to announce our free, educational mini-course on Brand Positioning. Join us for this five-part series, where we will show you how to: Identify the segments that exist in your market; Understand how you can position those segments relative to you and the competition; and Develop tactics to effectively change your position and […]

Loyalty Learnings #2: The Impact of Influencers During the Buying Process

Welcome back!  This week, Matt Braun is covering some highlights from the book, The Challenger Customer, specifically that the average number of people involved in the buying process is steadily growing.  What does that mean for your organization?  In this video, Matt covers some implications for you, your organization, and your market. Check out the […]

Positioning Study Changes Target Customer Profile

Background: A consumer products organization, specializing in accessories for power motor sports, was developing a long-term strategy for changing their sales process and growth.  While they had an understanding of their market, they had not formally looked into their customer base.  As such, they had no clear direction on which to base their strategy. Challenge: […]