Predicting the “Unpredictable” with Member Defection

“Our member research told us that 94% of our members are ‘satisfied’ but last year we only retained 87%.  That 7% difference translated into an unexpected loss of more than $250,000 in membership dues…how do we keep this from happening in the future?” This statement paraphrases a recent exchange with an association membership director on […]

Valuing Customers

Two studies, separated by a decade, examined the topic of company valuation based on customer valuation. While intuitively and logically related, the two approaches to valuation were rarely regarded in conjunction. The first study – an award winning paper – was published in 2004 by Prof. Sunil Gupta of Harvard and Prof. Donald Lehmann of […]

Customer Relationships and Financials

The linkage between relationships and financials is what makes the Loyalty Metric so valuable to our clients. A relationship metric is only as good as its ability to predict behavior, enable targeted actions and drive results. The Loyalty Profile and associated behaviors of a customer cohort in the example below may look familiar to you. […]

Measuring Relationships – Driving Revenue

An Industrial Distributor uncovers hidden growth & profit potential in its customer base using Loyalty Segmentation Background & Challenge: One of the largest industrial distributors in North America (“Client”) provides a broad range of products and value-add services to approximately 500,000 customers in the infrastructure and construction sectors.  Customers are serviced through branch locations across […]

Developing Better Strategies Through Effective Member Research

Associations are shifting from “gut” decisions based on myth, perception, and perpetuated beliefs about members to more data-driven decisions. The emergence of low-cost, easy-to-use survey tools has made data more accessible than ever. There is a lot to consider in the realm of membership research … Are you collecting data that represents your entire membership? […]