Bring Back The Glory Days

We can all agree that the glory days of air travel are long gone. The days when you dressed up for a plane trip, enjoyed a hot meal off fine china, and attendants indulged your every wish, is the stuff of legend….and folklore. As air travel has gone from luxury to commodity, we have seen […]

Put Yourself In Their Shoes

“Put yourself in the shoes of your customer.  Try to think like them and you’ll be able to improve your service to them.” This idea recently appeared as the main story line in a B2B publication.  I’m sure that many readers of that publication find this logic to be unassailable.  Many of us have heard […]

customer perceptions

Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?

We’ve all been through it – it’s rarely a seamless process when making a change in your television or Internet provider. Recently, I bit the bullet and decided it was time to make the switch. So after multiple phone calls to compare options, making the decision, and getting my 4-hour appointment window, the time finally […]

They’re Just Not That Into You

I’ve been going to the same dry cleaner in Indianapolis since 1988.  Through that time there have been store location changes, personnel changes, billing errors, lost clothing….well, you get the picture.  All of us go through it to some extent.  The one thing that kept me coming back was Same Day Service.  I like being […]