Consumer Products

Benchmarking the After-sales Service Experience

A brand-name electronics manufacturer was interested in prioritizing improvements for one of its major product lines in their after-sales service area (both call center and repair services). The customer’s first line of contact was through the call center. If the customer service representative in the call center could not diagnose or fix the problem over […]

Customer Communications and Loyalty

Challenge: For one Financial Services organization, past research conducted by Loyalty Research Center (LRC) revealed important clues as to which of several available customer communications channel options impacted loyalty the most. If customers could be convinced to use this channel over others and could say they had a good experience, then customer loyalty to the […]

Customer Segmentation

Challenge: In order to pull away from the pack of commodity chemical providers, a chemical manufacturer decided to become the specialty product provider to the paper products industry. While competitors chose to differentiate on the basis of price or logistics, this manufacturer chose instead to target a specialized user niche desiring customized solutions. Despite the […]

Price and the Value Proposition

Challenge: The Loyalty Research Center (LRC) conducts ongoing customer research for a company that provides website support to businesses.  Results revealed an increasing trend in customer defections together with declining value perceptions and performance scores.  Obviously there’s a connection.  Not so obvious, however, was how to stop the leakage.  Management feared that a price reduction […]

Customer Due Diligence in M&A Deals

A privately held company asked us to implement a customer loyalty measurement study.  The loyalty segments – Loyal, Vulnerable and Neutral – are determined on the basis of responses to specific questions known to identify those customers who are truly loyal. The company desired to retain their loyal customers and potentially improve their relationships with […]