customer choice

What Makes A Loyal Customer?

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Customers make decisions almost every second about how to spend their time, money, and effort. They are constantly bombarded with ads on TV and their personal devices.  Even NBA jerseys now come with ads on them.  So how do customers make a choice? Customers, both individually and collectively, select the offer they […]

employee engagement

Motivation, Ability, and Direction: The New Standard for Employee Engagement

Employees are a vital resource for nearly all organizations, especially since they represent a significant investment in terms of identifying, recruiting, and training let alone salaries, healthcare plans, bonuses, etc.  But there is more than just the replacement expense when a desirable employee leaves. Employees are pivotal in creating and delivering value to the customer, […]

person writing on a whiteboard

What is Customer Due Diligence?

A value-centered approach to analyzing deals through the lens of the customer. Financial due diligence only tells part of the story.  As 68% of Private Equity leaders anticipate deal activity to rise in 2021 and multiples continue to grow, it is more important than ever to ensure opportunity areas and systemic risks are identified pre-transaction. […]

How to Create a Culture of Innovation

Are associations innovative? In a recent study of 123 association executives across a breadth of industries, the majority described themselves as highly innovative and believe they are the first to adopt new products or strategies. However, only half of those same executives believe their most member-facing products, resources, and experiences are “fresh” and the majority […]

3 Roadblocks to Innovation

For associations, innovation is critical.  In a recent study of association executives, those that had a strong culture of innovation were faring significantly better in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic than their peers.  While most associations view themselves as innovative, they fall short in key areas that define it as part of their culture. […]