Move From Reactive To Proactive

Do you and your team find yourselves in “crisis mode,” tending to customers that defect, seemingly out of nowhere?  Is your organization surprised when a customer expresses interest in growing with you?  Do account managers spend more time putting out fires than growing accounts? If so, your internal culture may be reactive. Reactive organizations are […]

Solutions Spotlight: Virtual Focus Groups

If you’re a budget-conscious organization and/or are looking for deeper insights from your customers or members, consider virtual focus groups: Our recent work has allowed recent clients to talk to particular customer and member segments across wide geographies.  The result is quick, valuable, and actionable information to drive change in their organizations.

Why You Should Celebrate CX Day

We have clients ask all the time how they can drive customer-centric organizations with limited resources and budgets. Can you relate? If you are a CX professional, an organization trying to drive customer-centricity with your employees, or maybe a leader dedicated to putting your customers first, you should be celebrating 2018 CX Day. It’s free! […]

Loyalty Learnings #16: Involve Your Members In Advocacy With Time, Talent, and Treasure

Edited Transcription: As you think about ways that your members can get involved in your advocacy efforts, we tend to break it down into three categories:  time, talent, and treasure.  Some of the more successful associations that have been successful in engaging and getting their newer, younger members involved are thinking outside the box on […]

Predictive Analytics: Why Your Business Should Be Leveraging Data

Imagine being able to forecast what percentage of your existing customers might be interested in another product offering or figuring out which marketing tactic works best for your target market based on your existing customers. Would this be helpful to you? In this customer-driven business world, organizations are looking for practical ways to predict future […]