Loyalty Learnings #18: Integrating Survey Data With Internal Metrics

Edited Transcript: A really valuable tool for most companies is to integrate loyalty analysis with metrics that firms capture internally about the customer experience.  Let me give you an example.  We had a client who had product changes that the customer did online.  So, I as a customer would get online to change the configuration […]

Solutions Spotlight: Member Needs Assessment

Transcript: One of the types of research that we’re frequently approached to develop a proposal for is a Member Needs Assessment.  What we’ve learned over the years is that Member Needs Assessment means a lot of different things to different individuals and organizations.  For some organizations, it’s simply what are the member benefits that our […]

Loyalty Learnings #17: How to Engage Your Retiring Members

Transcript: We’re occasionally asked in Loyalty Research’s Associations Practice, why are you so anti-retired professionals?  Why are you so against investing in our more tenured members?  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Instead, it’s thinking about it in a different way. Don’t be creating new campaigns, new products, new resources for that particular group […]

Predictive Analytics Series: What Is It?

Welcome to the LRC video miniseries on predictive analytics, a part of our Deep Analytics Solutions.  This miniseries consists of three videos:  1.  What is it?  Why should you use it? 2. How do you do it? 3. How do you use it?  How do you use the outcomes that we’ve generated in the second […]

Loyalty Learnings #15: Three Advocacy Roles Your Association Can Play

When we talk to members about the expectations that they have for their association as it pertains to advocacy, what we’re frequently hearing are three roles that your association can play in effectively advocating on your members’ behalf.  What we call promoting or protecting the profession.  Those three roles are as an informer, as an […]