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Right-Sizing Your Membership

Does Growth Equal Success? How does your association define success?  Are you still using the same definition of success as you were five years ago?  Ten years ago?  Twenty?  We speak to association leaders every year who give the same answers that have been given for the past two decades: Membership growth; Retention rate; Revenue […]

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The Problem with “Problems”

When addressed strategically, customer problems are an opportunity to positively impact financials. The shopping experience is universal. We are all purchasers of products or services – either as individual consumers or on behalf of organizations we represent. As a purchaser, how often do you find the product or service provider falling short on performance – […]

Driving Non-Dues Revenue Through Your Industry Partners

One of the growing concerns within associations today is the amount of non-dues revenue generated from the membership.  It is a variable revenue source that can change dramatically, especially in down economic times.  Across the board, associations are seeing non-dues revenue shrink as fewer members are attending conferences, more competition emerges in continuing education, and […]

Associations and Advocacy

When an economy is growing and business is booming, the value created by a professional association can sometimes be taken for granted by its members.  Over the past few years, in the midst of a declining economy and a growing unemployment rate, members of professional associations are looking more than ever to their association for […]

Strategic Account Management

Lacking the large pools of new, prospective customers once available, many businesses are being forced to re-think attitudes and strategies related to current customers. Replacement is no longer the automatic option when a customer is lost. As businesses have experienced, the “Oh well, there are more where that one came from” attitude can’t withstand today’s […]