Which Type of Advocate Are You?

We’ve seen that association and society members can play various roles when it comes to your advocacy efforts.  However, what kinds of roles can your organization play for your members? There are three different roles that members can expect you to play: as an informer, an influencer, and/or an action-taker.  Some associations are only expected […]

Telling Stories To Communicate Data

Our society loves numbers. We love to create metrics, track progress, create more metrics, rinse and repeat. However, we see so many customer experience professionals failing to bring their customer insights to life. We’re not suggesting you get rid of your Loyalty, NPS, or CSAT scores, but rather think about the number (pun intended) of […]

Hotspot: Identifying Trends to Predict Customer Behavior

Imagine you are an umbrella manufacturer with most of your customers distributed across Seattle, New York City, and Los Angeles. In addition to demographic differences, behavioral differences exist as well: the amount of usage of the umbrellas, the preferred designs of the umbrellas, and what they want the umbrellas for. It is likely a one-size-fits-all […]

3 Types Of People You Need To Talk To During Your Due Diligence

During a merger or acquisition, the diligence process is focused on risk:  are there any financial indicators of failure?  Companies that go above and beyond in assessing risk go beyond the financials and look at customers to uncover risks and possible opportunities. Several times, we have heard customer interviews are done infrequently at best, or […]