Loyalty Learnings #8: Why Should You Measure Customer Loyalty?

The easy answer: your customer is your biggest asset! They produce ongoing income. And the 30% of loyal customers represent 65% of your asset value on average.  This is powerful, and means that you need to constantly be in touch with the strength of your customer relationships and how to make them healthier.   Watch […]

[INFOGRAPHIC] Exploring New Member Segments

Looking for a strategy beyond expanding in your current market or moving into new geographic regions to grow your association?  One new area to think about is expanding into a new member segment.  These could be potential members that look different from your current core membership, but exist in the same industry, profession, or role. […]

Prospecting In Your Existing Space: Prioritization

In our previous video, we discuss questions you should be asking about your non-members before you begin growing in your core market.  Answering these questions is a great first step in understanding who these non-members are and why they aren’t currently a part of your association. After you collect this information, prioritizing is key:  not […]