Why you should use analytics to prospect

  Traditional methods of sales prospecting are grossly inefficient.   Jill Konrath You want to keep your pipeline as full as possible – and the opportunities are endless.  How many stories have you heard about companies using a brute force approach of toughing it through extensive calling lists?  Sales executives love to tout movies like Boiler […]

Stories of Resilience in the Face of Chaos

In March, COVID-19 shut down America, beginning months of hardship for many.  Now, facing a second wave of the virus, it seems like the world continues to only share bad news and we are all looking for a little bit of sunshine. To that end, we have been hearing great successes from some of our […]

Why Loyalty Matters: The Loyalty Payoff Table

In every organization, individuals make decisions – sometimes daily – that impact customers and their behaviors.  Decisions about prices, resource spend, training/coaching, processes, focus, initiatives, and more. How is customer behavior affected by these decisions?  Or – to make it broader – how do the decisions affect the long-term value of the organization? Loyalty measurement […]

Map your member experience journey today

Once a member joins your association, the hope is that the member is just beginning a long and prosperous journey with you.  However, this starting point begins a series of interactions and “touches” with your organization that can lead to happy members – or members running for the exit. In our most recent member engagement […]