Why Loyalty Matters: The Loyalty Payoff Table

In every organization, individuals make decisions – sometimes daily – that impact customers and their behaviors.  Decisions about prices, resource spend, training/coaching, processes, focus, initiatives, and more. How is customer behavior affected by these decisions?  Or – to make it broader – how do the decisions affect the long-term value of the organization? Loyalty measurement […]

Map your member experience journey today

Once a member joins your association, the hope is that the member is just beginning a long and prosperous journey with you.  However, this starting point begins a series of interactions and “touches” with your organization that can lead to happy members – or members running for the exit. In our most recent member engagement […]

Three Things You’re Doing Wrong With New Customers

One significant issue that our clients have been faced with is vulnerability in their new customer base.  Companies invest significant time and dollars into acquiring these customers.  Defection among these customers turns them into a negative investment for the company and contributes to a sales hole for the team. One client conducts a separate survey […]

Loyalty Learnings #18: Integrating Survey Data With Internal Metrics

Edited Transcript: A really valuable tool for most companies is to integrate loyalty analysis with metrics that firms capture internally about the customer experience.  Let me give you an example.  We had a client who had product changes that the customer did online.  So, I as a customer would get online to change the configuration […]