Associations 2Associations are facing an industry transforming environment today. Changing demographics, technology and access to “free” information has placed into question the traditional value offered by member based organizations. Loyalty Research Center works with associations to understand drivers of member loyalty and uncover critical needs that will ensure financial health and future of the organizations.

LRC is helping associations succeed in this era through custom designed research in areas like:

  • Member Engagement or Loyalty
  • Member Needs Assessment
  • Prospective and Lapsed Member Analysis Member Segmentation
  • Chapter Performance
  • Deep dives on specific areas such as education needs
  • Industry Scans to ensure association relevance

association solutionsA key deliverable from an LRC member engagement or loyalty study is the loyalty profile of an association’s membership base. It maps the mix of Loyal, Neutral, and Vulnerable members. Further analysis of why members fall into those groups guides strategies on how to strengthen the relationships to cultivate loyal, more engaged members.

Many of our clients use the research findings and recommendations in their strategic planning. Our work helps associations and professional societies to direct limited staff and financial resources into areas likely to give the best return in terms of attracting, engaging and retaining members.


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