Industrial Goods and Services

Industrial products companies rely on strong Business-to-Business distribution networks to bring their products to market. LRC has worked with clients to develop a deep understanding of customer relationships at both the end user and channel intermediary levels. Identifying drivers of customer loyalty and revealing areas for improvement has led to dramatic enhancement in the organizations market position.

From chemical and metals to manufactured goods and heavy machinery, the strength of channel partnerships is a major determinant of success. Information from our studies serves as a baseline measurement of strengths and weaknesses relative to customer expectations and competitors, as viewed by the distribution channel and/or the customer.

Identifying which part of a company’s marketing mix is viewed by the customer as deficient and which one is perceived as a strength is powerful knowledge to build strategy around. By modeling the linkage between customer perceived value and loyalty, we have helped clients plan specific change initiatives in areas that would have the most impact on revenue, profitability, and share of wallet.