Information Technology

Technology continues to be central to enhancing efficiency, reducing cost and enabling competitive advantage for organizations. The ubiquitous nature of technology as it pervades all of society is at once an opportunity and a challenge. An opportunity to continuously innovate and create incremental value and a challenge to keep up with the speed of innovation and rapid obsolescence.

Loyalty Research Center works with software service providers to not only understand their customer needs, but track changing needs over time to ensure product offerings and service levels stay relevant over time. Findings from LRC’s yearly studies are often incorporated into strategic planning initiatives and Balanced Scorecards. Reputation research findings are used to shape messaging. Tracking Net Promoter Scores, or NPS, provides actionable insights on how it could be improved. Our conjoint research work identifies optimal product configurations. Analysis of customer loyalty metrics reveals areas of process and product improvement.

What we do helps companies retain and grow market share, revenue and profitability in an intensely dynamic market.