The advent of technology and social media has revolutionized retail. Consumers have more choices than ever, making the business hyper competitive. Geographic boundaries are made redundant with e-commerce. Loyalty Research Center helps retail organizations develop a comprehensive understanding of customers. Voice of the Customer (VOC) research gives grassroots feedback on customer expectations as well as the drivers behind them.

Additionally, our focus on linking customer affinity segments – based on attitudes, behaviors and loyalty – to company financials helps clients outline priorities for strengthening customer relationships. Discrete choice methodologies help predict product success and guide launch decisions. Focus groups support positioning initiatives. Tracking programs give continuous feedback on the impact of initiatives & future needs.

Loyalty programs, as symbolized by the ubiquitous “Loyalty Cards” and other consumer tracking programs, are only a tactical element of a larger strategy. A strategy based on a robust foundation of understanding the customer to deliver true value & nurture a sustainable, lasting relationship.

As a direct result of our work, clients see customers that are more likely to be company advocates, increase their share of spend & stay loyal to the brand over the long term.