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Telecommunications companies continue to be challenged by a constantly evolving and intensely competitive environment. One driven by lack of meaningful product differentiation, price-sensitive customers, and continuously advancing technologies. What do customers really value and who is delivering on them? Do we know what customers want even before they do? Loyalty Research Center works with leading telecommunications companies and if applicable, their distribution channel partners to answer some of those and other key questions to keep them ahead of the market and in tune with customers.


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Featured Case Study:  Customer Segmentation Drives Targeted Growth Strategy

A regional telecommunications service provider wanted to expand beyond the image of "basic telephone service provider" with its 40,000 residential customers to grow profitably.  The market was experiencing rapid economic development, and traditional methods of communicating their expanded service offerings wasn't working.  Read about how we captured a view of their target market and guided them on how to allocate their resources to communicate to them effectively.

Loyalty Research Center partners with clients to understand their unique strengths and leverage them to find a differentiating position in the marketplace. Our signature Loyalty Model uncovers which customers are your best chance for growth and profitability, and those that are likely to defect to a competitor because they feel “trapped” in a contract.