Brand Positioning Series: Positioning Map

In our last video, we talked about buying criteria.  What are the buying criteria used in a particular decision or market?  How do the buying criteria differ across customers – are they weighted differently?

Answering these questions gives rise to segments.  Segments are a critical part of positioning.  We’ve shown how they can be profiled in our case, but how does this matter relative to the competition?

In this video, we will show you how to place each segment, your organization, and your primary competitor(s) on a positioning map to better visualize your position.

You can do this with a matrix like we do in this video, in a spectrum, verbally, or any number of ways.  The goal is to illustrate the needs and wants of each segment, your position relative to these segments, and the competition’s position.

The matrix shown in the video was an example of part of a deliverable we provided to a client.  If you need help understanding the segments that exist in your market and how they perceive you relative to the competition, please reach out and contact us.  We would value the opportunity to help you identify the position of your brand.

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