Loyalty Learnings #6: Does Your Meeting Have a Content Disconnect?

When you organize a large conference or meeting for your members, you may only get one chance to demonstrate your value and entice members to keep coming year after year.  As meetings tend to be the largest source of non-dues revenue for associations, your association health likely ebbs and flows with the success of your meeting; thus, it is imperative to maintain or grow attendance.

As you’re examining the health of your meeting, we hear a lot of the same reasons to blame for declining attendance.  Some point to location, timing, and even the comfort of the chairs at the venue.

However, many of our programs recently have pointed to content as the key driver for meeting attendance, and it makes sense.  If you don’t “wow” members the first time they attend your meeting, it can be difficult to win them back.

Often, issues with content not resonating with members can come from disconnects between content creators and content consumers.  Watch our video below as we explore two cases of clients that found out that addressing content disconnects was key for their meeting attendance.

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