Solutions Spotlight: Chapter Assessment

In this associations solution spotlight, we’re going to be talking about chapter assessments. One of the challenges that a lot of associations are facing is: how do we manage our local chapters?  How do we strike that balance between autonomy and structure or standardization?

What our chapter assessment does is first, it examines the level of consistency or the level of quality across all of your chapters, giving you an aggregate look at how those chapters are performing.

Second, it identifies high-performing chapters.  It’s great because you can dig deeper and identify the things that those chapters are doing really well that can be considered an expectation or standardized.  It helps unearth tips and tricks and strategies that you can put into place to make a more consistent chapter experience across the board.

Third, it identifies your low performing chapters.  Looking into these chapters may indicate where intervention may be necessary.

Chapter assessment is a great tool that can be rolled into your comprehensive member needs assessment or can be a standalone if that’s a particular area that you’re focused on in your association strategy.  Contact us to learn more about how our customized research and analysis can help you manage your chapter experience.

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