Data driven.
Solution oriented.

For over 25 years, Loyalty Research Center has empowered hundreds of organizations to take charge of their customer information and maximize their growth.

We Believe In The Power of Information

Companies that not only understand but use the feedback of their customers, members, and/or employees have a strong competitive advantage in the market.

Relationships explain behaviors

Critical behaviors - churn, recommendations, price sensitivity, cross-sell opportunities - are driven by the relationship with your organization.

Experiences determine relationships

Performance in key areas relative to alternatives can make or break those relationships. We focus your team on the areas that have the strongest impact.

Segments vary in their experiences

No two customers are the same - but many can be grouped into meaningful segments that have different needs from your firm.

We help trade associations and professional societies better understand their membership.

B2B / B2C organizations should look at both customers and employees to create a holistic strategy.

Understand the risk and opportunity in your portfolio companies as well as future acquisition targets.

How do you classify your business?

Let us tailor your experience based on who you serve.


Trusted by Hundreds of Organizations

“It’s hard to believe INPRS has been with Loyalty for ten years. I think that longevity is driven by more than just well-done research. They’ve done a great job of building productive relationships with the INPRS team, which has been critical to their success. Loyalty always provides top notch research and insights that I know the team here at INPRS appreciates. Thanks for the great partnership!”
“It was 2016 when we first engaged with LRC on what was a fairly standard client loyalty, due diligence research project. The valuable information we learned from that initial study kicked our relationship into high gear! he LRC team prioritized our need for wanting to be a company that provides world-class client experiences – so in turn, they demonstrated world-class experience by providing rich, valuable insights; personalized service and a collaborative spirit. We are honored to partner with such an amazing team.”