About Us

Years in Business
1000 +
Clients Served

Loyalty Research Center (LRC) was founded in 1997 and is a proud part of the Indiana Community.


Over the last 25 years, LRC has become an industry leader in the specialized field of relationship measurement and management. We have served over 2,500 clients across three key areas:  B2B/B2C, private equity, and associations.

Our Approach


During the Investigative Phase, Loyalty Research Center conducts qualitative research across the organization and with select customers.  During this phase, we integrate with your organization to truly understand who you are.


During the Assessment Phase, we have collaborated on questionnaire design and begin implementing according to data collection best practices.  We closely monitor completion rates and fully manage this process for our clients.


Utilizing driver analysis and our proprietary Loyalty Metric, Loyalty Research Center begins to determine priorities for relationship improvement in the Analysis Phase.  


Partnering with our clients is key to every phase of our process, but most importantly in the Deployment Phase.  We help you interpret the data and formulate actions based on the results.

Ongoing Tracking

Optionally, but strongly encouraged for most clients, is the development of an ongoing Tracking Program.  These programs allow our clients to make ongoing decisions based on real-time data on the behaviors we are trying to change.