We believe our process, from beginning to end, sets LOYALTY RESEARCH CENTER® apart. We don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead our process is customized to each of our clients, and that means the results are more effective. Here is what sets us apart from the competition:

Senior Management Involvement
Traditional market research is often a one-time project designed to answer a single question and have a localized solution i.e. a one time, one issue solution that effects a product, a department or geography. A customer loyalty measurement program is different. It is a journey that garners information with implications for the entire organization, potentially affecting many departments, processes, managers and customers. There is need for buy-in throughout the organization. LOYALTY RESEARCH CENTER® recommends inclusion of senior management from the very beginning of program planning, often in the form of one-on-one interviews with our own senior representatives.

Qualitative Research Approach
Because LOYALTY RESEARCH CENTER® services are not off-the-shelf research programs, qualitative approaches become very critical to the process. Using a variety of techniques, our trained moderators are able to draw out important information in open-ended forums about customers, operations, business challenges, decision-making and processes from company managers, employees and customers. This allows for necessary program customization. It is not until this phase is accomplished that the quantitative survey instrument is designed.

Statistical Analytic Tools
With statisticians, research methodologists and an economist on-board, LOYALTY RESEARCH CENTER® has access to the full spectrum of sophisticated analysis techniques required for digging deep into information obtained from clients’ customers. This phase sometimes has an open-ended date, as only the information can determine the course of the analysis. One finding may lead to another investigation, which leads to another finding. Our researchers take the time needed to investigate all avenues. Tying perceptual feedback to CRM systems’ data can prove highly beneficial as companies strive to identify ideal customer interaction scenarios, conduct customer valuation, and calculate the ROI of change initiatives.

Deployment and Integration Support
We offer consulting services to support clients in their efforts to maximize and leverage customer feedback. Our measurement programs are designed with usage and actionability in mind. We work directly with management and employee groups to help them interpret and apply customer information, act on findings and make suitable changes in day-to-day operations. Our experienced senior executive team has both Loyalty research experts and business improvement consultants.