What would you learn about your organization if you asked your membership right now what you do best?  How about if the question asked what you do the worst?  Would you know what to do with that information if you had it?

Loyalty Research has been helping associations ask those questions and turn what they learn into action for over 20 years.

It all starts with the Engagement Metric, which tells you exactly how connected a member is to your organization, and then dives into the details to give you their perspectives on the benefits, services, and products they receive through their membership.

LRC has partnered with many associations to bring impactful insights through their services:

  • Member Needs Assessment
  • Prospective and Lapsed Member Analysis
  • Chapter Performance
  • Area Deep Dives
  • Strategic Planning

What does your organization need?

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Kristen Webster, MPH – Practice Leader, Associations

Kristen brings years of experience in association and volunteer structure management, social science research, and consultative services. Over the past few years with LRC, Kristen has provided exceptional value to partnerships across many industries, with a primary focus in association practice. Kristen has a Master’s in Public Health, a Bachelor’s in Communication Studies and a Bachelor’s in Anthropology from Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI.)