employee engagement

Motivation, Ability, and Direction: The New Standard for Employee Engagement

Employees are a vital resource for nearly all organizations, especially since they represent a significant investment in terms of identifying, recruiting, and training let alone salaries, healthcare plans, bonuses, etc.  But there is more than just the replacement expense when a desirable employee leaves.

Employees are pivotal in creating and delivering value to the customer, especially when doing so by effectively implementing the organization’s business model.  Ensuring that your employees are highly engaged is of vital importance to the long-term health of your company.

Employee Engagement is a metric defined by an employee’s Motivation, Ability, and Direction towards a future with the company.  Not only do they plan to remain with the organization, but they do not actively search for alternative employment and are not responsive to offers.

Similar to Customer Loyalty, Employee Engagement cannot be determined through direct questioning.  Nor can it be assumed by whether or not the employee is today an active employee.  We know that strong Engagement is more than simply behavior.

Although challenging, measuring employee engagement is possible.  By using valid measurement techniques and a proprietary model that has been tested and proven to explain Engagement, a company can determine whether there is an Employee Engagement problem.

The model, developed by Loyalty Research Center, not only includes information that identifies Engagement levels, but also contains specifics about the employee relationship that can be used to identify actions to take to improve your employees’ Motivation, Ability, and Direction.

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