Action Solutions


Action Solutions are designed to assist the client to take action with the information.


This LRC solution addresses the need for greater definition of a problem. A problem that has been stated more precisely enables you to find a better way to solve the problem.

For example, based on customer information your organization has decided to improve the responsiveness of customer service. What do you need to know order to make a change that drives stronger relationships and generates behavioral change in customers? Some organizations would want to know:

  • Which customers are the targets for this change in responsiveness?
  • What does “responsiveness” mean to these target customers? Is it the same across all customers or are there segments?
  • On these specific aspects of responsiveness, how much does responsiveness have to improve to meet minimum expectations?

The LRC’s Problem Framing Solution addresses these issues. It helps our clients understand the specifics of what needs to be done to change their customers’ relationships and behaviors.


One of the deliverables from the LRC’s Loyalty Assessment Program for B2B clients is a set of Account Reports – individual detailed reports for each account surveyed. For accounts with multiple respondents, this translates into a summary of all the information collected in the interview process. It also includes information appended from the client’s CRM system and other data sources.

How should the information from these Account Reports be used most effectively in the organization? Who should see it? What should their actions be?

This training program addresses those issues. This program is tailored to the needs of the organization and usually implemented soon after the completion of the Loyalty Assessment Program.

Take action today.

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