[INFOGRAPHIC]: 5 Learning Types

Education is becoming increasingly important in the association space, as more and more organizations compete on continuing education.  As you develop your strategy, consider profiling your members on how they prefer to consume educational content.  Creating profiles can help prevent wasted time and resource developing content the majority of your members will not use.  You can …

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Loyalty Learnings #11: The Relationship Between Engagement And “Share Of Classroom”

In the association space, competition for continuing education dollars is strong. You could be competing against other associations, universities, corporations, industry partners, and even your own chapters for those learners. How can you maintain your competitive edge and grab more “share of classroom”?  Focus on engagement.  Watch our latest Loyalty Learnings for more:

Leveraging The Power Of Your LMS: An Interview With CommPartners

Education has been a hot topic recently with our association clients, and questions about utilizing a Learning Management System (LMS) have been right at the top.  In this in-depth interview with Aubrey Mellos (Marketing Manager) and Rich Finstein (President and Founder) of CommPartners, we learned a lot about how to fit your LMS into your …

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Exploring New Member Segments

Looking for a strategy beyond expanding in your current market or moving into new geographic regions to grow your association?  One new area to think about is expanding into a new member segment.  These could be potential members that look different from your current core membership, but exist in the same industry, profession, or role. …

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Prospecting In Your Existing Space: Prioritization

In our previous video, we discuss questions you should be asking about your non-members before you begin growing in your core market.  Answering these questions is a great first step in understanding who these non-members are and why they aren’t currently a part of your association. After you collect this information, prioritizing is key:  not …

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