Membership Assessment Solutions

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This package of solutions consists of a diagnostic measurement and analysis of the relationships with and needs of various constituent groups directly or indirectly involved with your organization.


It is not enough to know that your members are satisfied. Is satisfaction with your organization translating into involvement, participation, and non-dues revenue?

Does your organization have a finite amount of resources to allocate to a seemingly infinite number of needs that are important to your members?

The Member Engagement and Needs Assessment Program will:

  1. Describe current strength of relationships you have with your members;
  2. Identify the aspects of the membership experience that drive stronger or weaker levels of engagement (needs assessment);
  3. Prioritize strengths you should be leveraging and opportunities for improving membership value to create more strongly engaged members.

Acknowledging that your organization likely consists of a mix of member demographics, needs, and expectations, LRC’s program not only examines the membership as a whole, but also key member segments for targeting both strategic and tactical solutions.


If your organization is only tracking member engagement every 2-3 years, are you keeping a finger on the pulse of changing member relationships and member needs? Are you missing near-term engagement opportunities?

The Engagement Monitoring Program helps maintain that conversation with the membership or segments within the membership to track attitudes, behaviors, and the impact of improvement efforts on a regular basis.


How does your organization identify prospective members? Which prospective members are most likely to be engaged and which have needs or expectations that will be difficult to meet with your current business model?

By pairing the insights from the Member Engagement & Needs Assessment Program with the Prospective Member Assessment, you are able to identify the “good” and “bad” fits, which can focus your sales efforts and position your organization for healthy growth.

The Prospective Member Assessment will:

  1. Identify the needs and expectations of prospective members in the market;
  2. Profile “good” and “bad” fits with demographic and other descriptive information;
  3. Quantify the opportunity for growing the membership.


Do you find yourself in a constant struggle to backfill sizable percentages of new members who do not rejoin after the first year(s) of membership? Are you seeking ways to engage your newest members early and often?

The Loyalty Research Center typically finds that most association value propositions include a “honeymoon period” of one to three years. Members join and are engaged early, but their enthusiasm and engagement lacks the stickiness to keep them around.

The New Member Assessment examines your organization’s onboarding of new members, from effectively communicating the value of membership at day one, to “touching” the member at critical moments in the first year(s), and evaluating your success at engaging your members early and often.


Do you want to better understand the real reason your members are leaving the association (it is rarely price-driven, even though that’s what they may tell you!)? The probability of retaining them in the future? What is the potential impact of the member speaking negatively about the organization to other current or prospective members?

Going beyond a traditional “exit survey,” the Lapsed Member Assessment is typically paired with the Member Engagement & Needs Assessment Program to compare your Lapsed members with your Weakly Engaged members to help you better predict when and where member churn will occur.

The Lapsed Member Assessment is a brief, yet comprehensive examination that includes:

  1. Identifying pain points that occurred during the individual’s membership with the association;
  2. Probing the reasons for leaving beyond pricing;
  3. Quantifying the probability of retention in the future.


How does your association generate dues and non-dues revenue outside of the core membership? For some associations, an industry partner or associate member program can be a significant source of additional revenue to help the association grow.

The LRC’s Industry Partner Assessment includes:

  1. Describing the strength of the relationships with your industry partners;
  2. Determining how industry partners define “return on investment” with membership;
  3. Identifying opportunities for enhancing the value of membership in the future;
  4. Defining segments of industry partners (e.g., industry verticals, products, services, company sizes, etc.) that are better “fits” as members.


Many times an association is focused primarily outside of the organization with the membership, but has not considered the impact of the individuals inside the organization.

The Employee Engagement Program examines association employee perceptions twofold:

  1. The level of commitment to and involvement in the organization (engagement), including the aspects of the job and the environment that contribute to engagement.
  2. How employees evaluate the member experience, both from their own perspective and putting themselves in the shoes of the members (employee mirror).

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