Deep Dive Solutions

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To complement or in place of a comprehensive assessment, this package of solutions consists of assessments of specific products, resources, services, and experiences that are strategic priorities for your organization.


Is your association challenged to maintain or grow meeting attendance? Interested in how your meeting compares to other alternatives in the market? Want to know whether to make small tweaks or significant changes to your meeting?

The Meeting / Conference Assessment is a deep dive into an association’s conferences, meetings, and/or events. Although overall and attribute-level evaluations are provided in the Membership Assessment Solutions, this program allows you to:

  1. Ask more probing questions of frequent, infrequent, and/or non-attendees;
  2. Determine competitive advantages and disadvantages for your association compared to other industry meetings and events;
  3. Quantify the opportunities for growing attendance;
  4. Profile the member segments to which your current meeting format is most likely to appeal.


Chapters are the most localized or regionalized channel for engaging members, but can also be one of the most challenging aspects of membership to standardize or control.

LRC’s Chapter Assessment is a deep dive into local/regional evaluations of the chapter experience. The examination of differences between/among chapters includes a single report and individual scorecards created for each chapter. The scorecards show:

  1. Performance evaluations of the chapter compared to national averages;
  2. Drivers of engagement with or value of each chapter;
  3. Opportunities for identifying prospective leaders and volunteers.


Over the past five to ten years, an association’s education program has arguably seen the most increase in competition from a variety of sources both inside and outside the association world. Now competition comes from other associations, industry partners, colleges and universities, and free online resources.

Additionally, associations are challenged to provide a sufficient variety of channels for delivering education to a diverse mix of member demographics.

LRC’s Education Assessment is a deep dive into members’ motivations for participating in education, needs/expectations of an education program, and how they evaluate their current alternatives.

The assessment’s scope can be customized to include any or all of the following components:

  1. Awareness and usage testing of the current formats/channels;
  2. Evaluation of your association’s current education formats/channels;
  3. Concept testing of new or alternative formats/channels;
  4. Competitive benchmarking and “share of classroom” analysis and profiling.


Many associations are challenged to effectively communicate the value of membership to its members. In a “catch-22” conundrum of members demanding to know the value proposition, but being unwilling to read the information sent to them, how does your communications strategy perform? A one-size-fits-all solution is no longer effective.

The LRC Communications Assessment can help an association identify:

  1. Awareness and readership of the current formats/channels;
  2. Evaluations of your association’s current communication formats/channels;
  3. Extent to which duplication/overlap is diluting the overall messages;
  4. Differences in communication needs based on member demographics and other forms of segmentation;
  5. Along the same lines, the relevant information that each segment considers critical.

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